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Old 08-19-2010
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Post ZFS Performance Monitoring Now Available for Download

Beta Now Available! Monitoring and Performance Reporting for ZFS pools and devices.

Customers using ZFS can now monitor the health and performance of their ZFS filesystems. The latest beta release of the Neuron Agent for Solaris, includes monitoring of several important ZFS statistics, such as:

- pool configuration, including virtual and physical devices
- state and availability
- overall capacity
- read/write performance by operations measured and MB/s

Out-of-the-box, the Neuron Agent monitors the health, performance, and availability of Solaris (and now OpenSolaris as well). This includes pre-canned thresholds to proactively monitor CPU, memory, filesystem usage, as well as processes and log files for which users can receive email notifications of problems detected and/or forward these events to SNMP-compatible frameworks. Users can also graph up to 5 years of monitored data and extend the monitoring capabilities via the use of custom scripts/utilities.

The beta can be downloaded from here: Neuron Agent for Solaris [** Updated November 30 2012 to point to full product release download.]

Please post questions and comments to this thread: we would love to hear about any feature enhancement ideas you have, or about any problems you run in to.

(more screenshots of Solaris monitoring can be seen here)
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